Taking Care of Your Knock Out Roses

By Diane Coleman, NRS Consulting Rosarian

What are Knock Out© Roses?

Arrangement of Knock Out Roses
Knock Out© Rose is a shrub rose bred by American rose grower, William Radler in 1989, and introduced into the United States by Star Roses and Plants in 2000. It was named an All-America Rose Selections winner in 2000 and was one of the bestselling roses of the year. The rose was found to be extremely disease-resistant, drought-tolerant and ever-blooming. The ideal rose for both new and seasoned gardeners.

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Suggested Pruning Techniques for Old Garden Roses

The techniques suggested below are simply guidelines which can be followed. Many varieties. of roses respond differently to various methods and if a particular variety is not producing the desired effect, try another technique. Just remember:

    1. Severe early spring pruning on one-time bloomers will sacrifice bloom.
    2. Sometimes a hard cut-back will tend to restore a weak bush.
    3. A bush well “shaped up” every year will be more satisfactory than a bush allowed to go rampant for several years, then cut back.

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Designing a Rose Garden

by Danielle Hahn, Owner, Rose Story Farm, Carpinteria, CA

Danielle Hahn, founder and owner of Rose Story Farm
I have been designing rose gardens for the past 15 years, usually working with new clients who inevitably bring their individual ideas and desires with them! The obvious first question is how do we start the process?

Although the first step may vary in some special circumstances, my usual advice is to relax, have some fun, and answer a series of questions and considerations which allow the gardens to practically design themselves.
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2019 Tenarky District “Roses in Review” Report Available

Some call it shovel pruning, meaning dig it up, throw it away, and replace it with a new rose that has been proven to thrive well in your area. There are many reasons a rose may need to be shovel pruned. Rose Rosette is the worst reason, but often a rose is no longer performing to your satisfaction or it has out grown its assigned space in your garden.
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