Nashville Rose Society Virtual Rose Show deadline is coming soon!

September is Rose Show Time in Nashville! The Japanese beetles are gone and with a good watering and spraying program, the roses will never look better. You have until 8pm on Sunday, September 20, to submit your photographs for the 2020 NRS Virtual Rose Show.

Entering is easy:

• This is not a photography show (but you will have to take pictures)
• Take photos in clear containers
• Use wedging if needed to improve the pose of the rose
• Two entries in each horticulture class is permitted


Need more info? Click here to review the pdf on the show rules, tips on how to take the photos, and who to send them to.

The show schedule can be found here.

Gardening…it’s good for your health!

Mother and daughter working in the garden together.
It’s been shown that gardening has a real and positive effect on mood and brain chemistry. Especially in these days of wearing masks and struggling to take a deep breath, the most obvious benefit is the fact that it allows you to get out into the fresh air and actually breathe. It also gives you a chance to slow down and be in the moment, removed from all the over stimulation our world provides. Continue reading “Gardening…it’s good for your health!”

Beneficial Insects: Will Work for Food

by David Cook, University of Tennessee Extension Agent for Davidson County, Tennessee


David Cook’s presentation to the Nashville Rose Society introduces the plants that attract beneficial insects to gardens and landscapes and identifies specific beneficial insects and mites that feed on other insects that damage plants. Continue reading “Beneficial Insects: Will Work for Food”

Identifying and Controlling Garden Pests

by Dr. Tommy Cairns, Ortho’s All About Roses, 1999
[with updates from the ARS Consulting Rosarian Manual]


There are three main categories of pests to watch out for – various insects, spider mites, and fungal diseases. This section deals mainly with a visual identification scheme and some suggestions for control. Continue reading “Identifying and Controlling Garden Pests”