Designing a Rose Garden

by Danielle Hahn, Owner, Rose Story Farm, Carpinteria, CA

Danielle Hahn, founder and owner of Rose Story Farm
I have been designing rose gardens for the past 15 years, usually working with new clients who inevitably bring their individual ideas and desires with them! The obvious first question is how do we start the process?

Although the first step may vary in some special circumstances, my usual advice is to relax, have some fun, and answer a series of questions and considerations which allow the gardens to practically design themselves.
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2019 Tenarky District “Roses in Review” Report Available

Some call it shovel pruning, meaning dig it up, throw it away, and replace it with a new rose that has been proven to thrive well in your area. There are many reasons a rose may need to be shovel pruned. Rose Rosette is the worst reason, but often a rose is no longer performing to your satisfaction or it has out grown its assigned space in your garden.
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June Rose Growing Notes

by Marty Reich, Master Rosarian, Editor of the Rose Leaf

Louis Philip, one of the OGRs planted in the Adelicia Acklen Rose Garden at Belmont University, Photo by Pam Graves Brown
By now you have done spring feeding and have enjoyed the first bloom cycle. Be sure to dead-head everything, meaning to cut off the spent blooms, to make the bushes look better and to encourage them to re-bloom. You should go down to a strong part of the cane where there are 5 leaflets from an outward facing node and cut 1/4″ above it. Sometimes a node has a dark spot on it signaling that new growth will not come from there so you may need to go up or down to avoid it.
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April Rose Growing Notes

by Marty Reich, Master Rosarian, Editor of the Rose Leaf

So you have pruned your roses and cleaned up the beds some time around now. It is still too early to pull the mulch very far away. We could have a freeze until the middle of April and did last year. If you spray, you have done that as well, soaking the mulch as well as the almost bare bushes. It is so much better to get ahead of blackspot and spray routinely than to let it get ahead of you.
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