A Year in the Rose Garden – Winter

A Brief Overview of Rose Care in the Winter


Cut hybrid teas back to about three feet or 16 inches if you use rose cones.
Do soil test if not already done.
Add lime or sulfur to adjust pH to 6.5.
Give each rose a shovelful of horse manure, mushroom compost, of
mushroom compost, or one to two cups of Mills Magic Rose Mix.
Apply winter protection.
Monitor soil moisture.
Clean up yard and put tools away.


Monitor the winter protection and add more if it is washed away by winter rains.
Plan to attend Nashville Rose Society meeting in February
Join the American Rose Society.


Attend Tenarky District winter workshop.
Prune and feed David Austin and climbing roses.
Review fertilizer and spray program.
Order needed supplies at Vendor Night.
Plant bare root roses when received if weather permits.
Dispose of outdated chemical sprays.
If you spray, be sure to start just as soon as the leaves begin to come out.