A Year in the Rose Garden – Summer

A Brief Overview of Rose Care in the Summer months


Be sure roses are well watered.
Continue spray program on a weekly basis.
Keep up fertilizer program – Epsom Salts ¼ c/bush to stimulate new basal growth.
Give rose beds 3-4″of mulch to conserve moisture and insulate.
Remove crossed canes and keep center of the bush open to improve air flow.
Keep garden clean of all debris.
Watch out for spider mites and treat with water wand or a miticide.
Remove lower leaves and spindly growth.


Continue spray program.
Be sure roses are well watered.


Continue spray program.
Apply last application of granular fertilizer containing nitrogen if used.
Prune for fall rose shows (keep rose bushes free of weak growth).
Be sure roses are well watered.
Add more mulch if needed.