May 2, 2:00-4:00pm – R. Curtis Aumiller, author of the ARS Guidelines to Judging Rose Photography

A New Shot: Rose Photography in Your Show


We are excited to have R. Curtis Aumiller speak to us virtually (via GoToMeeting) on May 2, 2021, at 2:00pm.

R. Curtis Aumiller, author of the ARS first Guidelines to Judging Rose Photography
R. Curtis Aumiller is the author of the American Rose Society first Guidelines to Judging Rose Photography. Curtis has been judging rose photography for over 14 years and has given presentations about judging and taking rose photos across the nation. At today’s meeting of the Nashville Rose Society, Curtis will explain how to make sure you are taking and entering your best rose photos and will also cover those factors judges use to pick the winning rose photos.

Curtis is Dual-Accredited as a Horticulture and Arrangement judge for the ARS. Curtis has been the District Chair of Photography and the District Chair of Arrangements for the Penn-Jersey District, and he was a judge on the ARS American Rose Photography Contest for three years before being asked to chair that contest. Curtis is currently the Penn-Jersey District Director.

Curtis was the Penn-Jersey District 2012 Outstanding Consulting Rosarian, the Penn-Jersey District 2013 ARS Silver Honor Medal recipient, Penn-Jersey District Outstanding Judge in 2018, became an ARS Master Rosarian in 2019, and the Pittsburgh Rose Society Bronze Medal recipient in 2020. Curtis lives in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania where he grows over 100 different rose varieties.

Click here to watch Curtis’ presentation to the Nashville Rose Society.