2019 NRS Rose Show Results – And the winners are…

2019 NRS Rose Show entries
The Nashville Rose Society 2019 Rose Show was held on Saturday, September 28, and Sunday, September 29, at the Belmont University Gabhart Student Center, 2002 Belmont Blvd., Nashville, Tennessee.

The show was one of the most successful Annual Rose Shows in recent memory and, according to some members who have exhibited at NRS Rose Shows for 20+ years, perhaps ever! We had 35 exhibitors in total, including a few new exhibitors from as far away as Montgomery, AL.

Traffic at the Show was incredible – between the two days, we had over 300 people visit our Show. No one can remember an NRS Rose Show where attendance was that high. The venue at Belmont was ideal and the support we received from the Belmont staff was simply terrific.

Royal Court – Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora

PlaceVarietyShown byCertificate
QueenSunny SundaysJoseph WoodARS
KingMr. CalebLarry and Connie BairdARS
PrincessRandy ScottJoseph WoodARS
Royal Court
Donna GraceJoseph WoodNRS
Royal CourtBarbara BushBob and Ann JacobsNRS
Royal CourtMoonstoneRon DanielsNRS
Royal CourtLouise EstesJoseph WoodNRS
Royal CourtCaptain Harry StebbenJoseph WoodNRS

See the full results here.

“Ron and I wanted to thank all those who exhibited, particularly those who entered the Show for the first or second time. Also, a shout out to the Show Committee for all the time and detail work associated with staging a successful Rose Show. Finally, a special thanks to everyone who volunteered to work at the Show as well as all the members – and spouses in some instances – who showed up on Friday to set up the Show and on Sunday afternoon to break it down. We had close to 30 people on Sunday afternoon, pitching in to do whatever was needed to move all our stuff out of the Gabhart Student Center and back into storage. Larry Baird said the break down was done in record time because of all the people who came to help.”, said John Wendler, Co-President of the Nashville Rose Society.

Royal Court – Miniature

PlaceVarietyShown ByCertificate
QueenMemphis KingPam BrownARS
KingArcanumKeith and Martha GarmanARS
PrincessFairhopeLarry and Connie BairdARS
CourtMiss FlippensRon DanielsNRS
CourtBees KneesLarry and Connie BairdNRS
CourtSweet Home AlabamaLarry and Connie BairdNRS
CourtRenegadeGene MeyerNRS
CourtEdistoGene MeyerNRS

Royal Court – Miniflora

PlaceVarietyShown ByCertificate
QueenTammy ClemonsLarry and Connie BairdARS
KingFoolish PleasureRon DanielsARS
PrincessPrincess KatelynRon DanielsARS
CourtAutumn SunsetRon DanielsNRS
CourtShamelessLynn SchmidtNRS
CourtCooperLynn SchmidtNRS
CourtPetite PrincessMary Ann HextNRS
CourtFirst ChoiceGene MeyerNRS

Thanks to all who worked to make our Show as good as it was. We are already looking forward to an even more successful Show next year!

Roses: Queen of the Garden

NRS Member Marty Reich gave a rose talk to the Spring Hill Garden Club in Spring Hill, Tennessee. The following is the coverage by the by the local paper, The Advertiser News:

By Susan Lobo
The Advertiser News, August 28 – September 3, 2019

Marty Reich, Membership Chairman and Newsletter Editor of the Nashville Rose Society (Photo by Susan Lobo)
“Few flowers have gained such universal celebrity and love as roses. The rose has been hailed Queen of Flowers. It has been a garden staple for centuries. Has given us some of the most famous lines of romantic poetry ever written.” – Julia Stowe, blossomartstn. com.

Straight from Romeo, “… a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” Shakespeare wrote.

The secret to growing roses? Location, location, location! says our garden guest, Marty Reich, Membership Chairman and newsletter editor of the Nashville Rose Society.

Finding the perfect location to plant your roses is in the east so that the sun dries the dew. Roses need six to eight hours of sunshine a day, as they can’t grow in the shade. Second in importance is watering.

“Roses like two to three gallons of water a week. More when very hot. You want to water. I’m going to say that about fourteen million times,” Reich said.

Soil, too, is important. She replaces the clay in her garden with a special mix of 1/3 organic peat, 1/3 sand, 1/3 native soil. Dig a deep hole, then make a little mound at the bottom, spread the roots over it, and fill with your special soil mix.

“Roses like to eat. Organics are great. I recommend Mills Mix which is a combination of blood meal, bone meal and alfalfa. I can’t say enough good things about Mills Mix and it’s reasonably priced”, she said.

Reich recommends mulching with pinestraw which keeps moisture even, deters weeds well, and eventually breaks down nicely. If you have pine trees the price is definitely right. Free.

She invites a visit to the Nashville Society’s website for the Ten Steps to Growing Good Roses:

1. Locate Bed for Best Growth
2. Buy only #1 Rose Bushes
3. Plant Properly
4. Spring Pruning for Established Roses
5. Fertilize
6. Water
7. Spray
8. Prune
9. Fall Care
10. Winterization


“Gemini” is Marty’s favorite rose. For rosy scent she suggests “Fragrant Plum” and “Wild Blue Yonder”. She has eighty-three roses of her very own. The Nashville Rose Society cares for twin rose gardens at Cheekwood Estate and Gardens.

Membership in the Nashville Rose Society is $20 a year, which includes a complimentary rose and four months membership in the American Rose Society.

Check the website for more information nashvillerosesociety.org.

Beyond landscaping and flowering beauty, the rose possesses medicinal benefits.

“Providing us with the most beautiful herbal remedies,” Stowe shared. “Throughout the history of herbal medicine roses have held a prized place in the herbalist’s matria medica, and have been used to prevent infections, relieve headaches, lower fevers, support the immune system, heal injuries, reduce inflammation, and beautify the skin. Of course, the heavenly scent of rose has long been sought for its ability to lift spirits and heal the heart.”

Roses offer culinary gifts as well, from sweet to tart:

Rose Lavender Vinegar

2 parts fresh rose petals
½ part dried lavender buds
Raw apple cider vinegar

Gather fresh rose petals just after the dew has dried but before mid-day to capture the maximum healing benefits. Fill a jar with fresh rose petals, add the lavender, cover with apple cider vinegar. Store in a cool, dark place. Shake daily for 4 to 6 weeks. Once steeped, strain the rose petals and use to make delicious salad dressings. (This works as a gently astringent face toner, too!)

One last bit of advice, in all you do, take time to smell the roses!

NRS Receives Grant from Nashville Lawn & Garden Show Foundation

Nashville Rose Society has participated in the Nashville Lawn & Garden Show, Tennessee’s largest and most popular gardening event, for many years. In 2019, rosarians manned our booth at the show from February 28 – March 2. During this time we gave advice on growing and caring for roses, as well as gained new members of the rose society.

In August, 2019, John Wendler, co-president of NRS, received the following letter and a check for $500 from Jack Alexander, Treasurer, Nashville Lawn & Garden Show:
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2019 Fall Grand Prix Winners

2019 Fall Grand Prix miniture rose court
The 2019 Fall Grand Prix Rose Show will be held during our regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Sunday, September 8, 2019, in the Potter Room at Cheekwood. The Grand Prix is a rose show that is held at a regular NRS meeting and its purpose is to give members a chance to learn about and practice exhibiting roses.

Thanks to NRS members Keith and Martha Garman for coordinating the event and to Connie Baird for serving as judge.

And the winners are…
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October 4-6 – ARS Miniature National Conference & Rose Show

The American Rose Society 2019 Mini National Convention and Rose Show combined with the Deep South District and TENARKY District Show dates have been finalized.

With a perfect theme of Music City Roses and the ideal location of Franklin, TN, just minutes to Nashville known for its Legendary Country Music Venues, this exciting convention and rose show have created quite a buzz!!
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