My Roses are Hungry!

by Ron Daniels, Nashville Rose Society
Growing Zone 7

Featured in Roses & You, American Rose Society Member Newsletter


Like all other flowering plants, roses need food in order to grow and bloom successfully. Roses however are heavy feeders. They have greater nutritional needs than many plants. They only get small quantities from existing soil therefore extra fertilizing is essential if you want your roses to perform at their best. For best results, fertilize at the right time, in the right amounts and with the right formulations, which I refer to as “the three R’s”!

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Fall Care

After the end of August, continue watering but stop all
fertilization. The plant needs a gradual entrance into dormancy –
any new growth might be killed by early frost. This would be an
added stress for even a healthy plant going into winter.

One of the most important jobs in the rose garden is to
get a soil test, and fall is a great time to do it. Any corrections
that need to be made will have all winter to work.

Fertilizing Your Roses

After the plant is well leafed out – around May 1 – use any balanced fertilizer such as 10-10-10, Fertilome, or Ortho Food at the manufacturer’s recommended rate. Osmocote and Once are timed release fertilizers that are applied one time in the Spring. Mills Mix is an all organic fertilizer that can be used in the Spring and Summer. Continue reading “Fertilizing Your Roses”