Designing a Rose Garden

by Danielle Hahn, Owner, Rose Story Farm, Carpinteria, CA

Danielle Hahn, founder and owner of Rose Story Farm
I have been designing rose gardens for the past 15 years, usually working with new clients who inevitably bring their individual ideas and desires with them! The obvious first question is how do we start the process?

Although the first step may vary in some special circumstances, my usual advice is to relax, have some fun, and answer a series of questions and considerations which allow the gardens to practically design themselves.
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What’s soil got to do with it?

by Ron Daniels, ARS Consulting Rosarian, Master Gardener

digging dirtWhen I talk to people about how to grow roses I always spend a lot of time talking about soil. As one of my mentors told me years ago; “Don’t go buy a twenty dollar rose bush and put it in a fifty-cent hole (soil).” What he was saying is put your time, money, and preparation in creating good healthy soil to grow your roses; they will love it.
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