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The Nashville Rose Society serves all of Middle Tennessee by sharing knowledge and information about our national flower, the rose. Through a monthly newsletter and meetings that feature regional and nationally recognized speakers, we bring you advice and instruction geared to growing roses in the specific soil and climatic conditions of this area. For all scheduled Meetings & Events, click here.

My Favorite Rose Growing / Gardening Tools and Gadgets

by Eugene Meyer

The author with some of his favorite rose-growing tools.
When I first heard this month’s topic I thought to myself, “I don’t use much in the way of tools and gadgets”. I’m pretty old school and cheap. I started a list thinking, ” this won’t be very long”. Actually, without trying very hard, I had a list, a longer list than I imagined. So lets get started.

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We are excited to announce that beginning in June, 2021, the monthly meetings of the Nashville Rose Society will be held in-person either at Cheekwood Estates and Gardens or on the Belmont University campus. See meeting announcements for details.

June 5, 2-4:30 – Shelly Wilkinson, “Bee Pollinators”

The June 2022 meeting of the Nashville Rose Society will be held in the Potter Room at Cheekwood Estate & Garden. We are thrilled to have as our speaker Shelly Wilkinson who will discuss bees in our gardens and why they need our help.

The first part of the presentation will cover the importance of bees, characteristics of the main species of bees, and where and how bees live. The second part of the presentation will cover how to make our own gardens and landscaping more pollinator-friendly.

Shelly Wilkinson is a high school math teacher who is part of the Davidson County Master Gardeners. She is the lead for the native bee program with the Master Gardeners in cooperation with Crown Bees (who help gardeners and farmers increase pollination and food production with gentle, solitary bees). She enjoys including native plants in her suburban garden to help sustain birds, bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects. Hummingbirds get nectar from the plants in her garden as much as from the hummingbird feeder, and the five different species of milkweed have been host to numerous monarch butterflies. She is constantly improving her garden to serve wildlife and expanding her knowledge of gardening and landscape design to achieve that.

Please plan to join us for this most interesting topic that concerns all gardeners.

Note: Admission to Cheekwood is not required – let the gate attendant know that you are attending the NRS Meeting in the Potter Room.